Opening The Tome

I cannot believe that I didn’t post about the arrival of the Tome of Adventure Design in print way back in January, but today it’s time to unleash this puppy as I work on my megadungeon. It’s a gorgeous book!

I love this book for it’s sheer size, scope, and depth! The pages pop with information – ranging from practical design theory all the way through to random tables which will fuel your imagination! The clean layout coupled with the sidebar “apophenia engine” lists is simply stunning.

Images snapped on my phone at the computer desk cannot do this book justice but, well, hopefully it’s enough to give you the idea.

I think my desire to build the megadungeon, the inspiration of the Tome of Adventure Design, and the countless fantasy resources all around me in this hobby room are more than enough fuel for the creative fires. Here’s to building something I can both be proud of and which will entertain some players.

Game on!

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