Mythic Underworld

For the Dungeons of Thaarl, I’ve realised that I truly want to evoke the mythic underworld but to do so with a focus on actual mythological elements. Informed by my love for ancient spiritual traditions and religious practices from earlier times, I am keen to also present a world that is rich in what will probably feel weird to the post-Enlightenment mind.

My tastes run to a blend between the fantastic and classical tropes of dungeon gaming, largely from the 70s and 80s, and the myths and beliefs of ancient cultures. I like the idea of drawing on folklore and our best understanding of near-Eastern culture. I also like to mix in Lovecraftian and weird themes to evoke both wonder and fear.

Megadungeons are, for me, an opportunity to present a fantasy world that progresses into mythic themes. The idea of magic permeating and twisting reality appeals deeply. So does the idea of creating an alternative set of causal laws for some areas of the deep.

All in all, I suppose I am drawn towards subversion of the squeaky-clean fantasy of glitzy modern RPGs. I’m also wanting something richer than the typical Goblin-infested dungeon. It’s an opportunity to delve into an older way of thinking and being which speaks to the fears of humanity… and I like that idea.

Game on!

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