Musing On GM’s Day

Tomorrow is GM’s Day, March 4th, as well as the day roleplayers commemorate the passing of Gary Gygax. Here’s what it’s about according to the official website:

GM’s Day is an annual day to show your GM (or DM, or Storyteller, or Referee) how much you appreciate them. Publishers and retail outlets across the world now join in GM’s Day, offering discounts, sales, and other cool stuff.

I was reminded of the day because SJ Games sent me a lovely newsletter including a promotion for this very event (which I don’t mind promoting here):

But what does celebrating your GM – the person behind that proverbial GM’s Screen – really entail?

For me, speaking as a long-term GM who struggles with anxiety and juggling a busy career, the biggest gift would be to turn up to the games. If there’s one thing that consistently spins me out, it’s when we miss sessions… and that usually comes from players bailing out.

Recently, I’ve been hugely encouraged by the commitment to meet anyway on game night, even if we’re not going to play. The interaction and camaraderie are what make being GM (and player) so rewarding. My view is that showing up is the best form of appreciation.

Not to say that there aren’t good reasons to miss a session – there are plenty of those in our busy lives! Heck, my biggest failing is when I am run down from work, tired, and my anxiety peaks enough to make me unwell. But showing up is appreciated and I wanted to acknowledge that.

Of course, I’m never averse to folk buying me nice shiny RPG products… but the best thing is spending time with you all!

Game on!

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