RuneQuest For Life

In 1980, my Dad bought RuneQuest – the GW edition of the RQ2e game by Chaosium. He hated it. I stole the box and then began a whole sequence of events which changed my life. I’d argue those changes were for the better.

RuneQuest is a special book and a significant game for me because it was the first time I encountered Fantasy as a genre in a way that touched my soul. It was the moment that I first saw the map of Dragon Pass – tucked away at the back of that book – which fired my imagination and set me on the permanent course into this hobby.

RuneQuest started me wanting to read more. I read the rulebook and devoured the adventures, especially the SoloQuest books. But then I started reading more Fantasy and SF titles too, such as “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of The Rings”. Dozens of books, thousands of pages of writing.

Reading got me learning new things and increased my vocabulary. More than that, the reading caused me to get interested in the wider world.

Glorantha inspired my curiousity about magic and religious belief. Ultimately, that game led to my going to University, switching courses to study Theology, and eventually to becoming a Christian.

Like I said, RuneQuest changed my life.

Game on!

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