Megadungeon Monster Manual

Being a long-term fan of Greg Gillespie, it was hard to resist his Megadungeon Monster Manual. Given that I am a total sucker for monster books, largely due to my phobia about writing stat blocks, it was an easy choice.

The book is a dead ringer for the original Monster Manual format and has art that evokes that whole 1977 vibe. Given my love of the Megadungeon as a concept, and this having all of Greg’s creations for that type of environment, it’s an instant hit with me. Can’t wait to delve into it deeper.

Of course, talk of Megadungeons, monsters, and that 1977 vibe also has me hankering to play some classic fantasy Megadungeon gaming all over again. Perhaps the saving grace is that I don’t think anyone I know is likely to want to risk another abortive delve with me as their Referee.

I’ll just have to make do with some judicious reading and dreams of elder glory.

Game on!

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