Four Goblins On The Road

Today was the first face-to-face session of the school Dungeons & Dragons Club in the 2021-22 academic year. My colleague, Mr Toms, ran a scenario for three slightly experienced players in one corner while I was joined by five totally new players in the other. It was glorious!

Over on my side of the room, I had a mixed-gender group of players who were having their first real experience of Dungeons & Dragons using the 5th Edition of the game. We played the opening scenario from the Starter Set, an ambush by four Goblins on the party as they escort a wagon of supplies to Phandelin, a small trading outpost.

After the fight – in which we learned how the basics of the game rules work – the party decided to follow the trail of the Goblins to their presumed lair. A stream issues from a cave, up high on the wooded hillside, and the adventurers delved within.

Killing the unaware guards on the entrance, they delved into the first cave chamber and discovered chained wolves. Initially moving past the wolves, they then noticed the spikes holding the animals chains were loose and decided to kill the wolves lest they escape later and threaten the party.

This fight didn’t go as planned and both the Cleric and the Wizard were felled by the beasts. Miraculously, the Halfling Thief cut down two of the three wolves alone and the Fighters felled the last. Medicine was administered and now the party is considering whether to delve deeper or withdraw. We’ll have to wait until next time for their decision.

Two hours with five 11-year-old gamers was a great reminder of how much joy this game can bring. It was wonderful to see them slowly gel as a group and work to solve the problems together. Overall, with Mr Toms reporting a similar positive experience over on his table, we feel that we are off to a positive start.

Thanks to everyone – not least the Patrons who support the club via Patreon – for your encouragement! The Patrons have provided everyone with dice, the club with the Starter Set and other materials, and everyone with the ability to learn a new hobby. Thank you!

Game on!

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