Doctor Who, Anyone?

Having been a fan of Doctor Who since I was very small – terrified of the Daleks above all other monsters and villains – I have long wanted to play the roleplaying game. I bought the original boxed edition of the game when Cubicle Seven released it, way back when the show first returned to the BBC with Christopher Eccleston as the lead.

In talking to a student today about their passion for Doctor Who, I found myself transported back to the most memorable moments for me. I described the tension in the famous contemplation of genocide in “Genesis of The Daleks” and my admiration for the Eccleston performances.

Sitting down this evening, I realise that although I updated my copy of Doctor Who (above), I have yet to read it. Playing it seems an awfully unlikely proposition. But still, like so many games on the grand piles at home, I keep on hoping.

Just a random thought, really, inspired by a student’s love for Doctor Who and especially for Ace. I was transported back to what I love most in science-fiction and fantasy: the possibility for anything.

Game on!

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  1. I was a huge fan way back when I could watch TV. I think it was the year before Tom Baker until a bit into the Dr after Baker. Really enjoyed “The Five Doctors” series.

    Haven’t paid much attention since then sadly.


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