RPR Solo Tales

Having to wait around at home today, I sat down and started to record a sequel episode to the experimental solo play podcast that I released earlier this year: Crag’s Ruin. This is something that I’ve been contemplating for weeks but – for whatever reason – couldn’t quite bring myself to record.

Making an audio recording of my solo RPG sessions is something that on one level I enjoy but on another I feel afraid of doing. Figuring that I have something to share, especially having worked on tidying up my solo notes yesterday, I opted to simply sit down and do it. It was released to the Swordbearer patrons around midday. It’ll be out to the rest of the world sometime in May.

I’m not really sure whether anyone out there needs another solo actual play podcast based on playing a fantasy game using Basic Roleplaying, but I did it anyway. It’s being played and my feeling is that, frankly, why not just do the thing? I’ll let listeners decide if it’s worth downloading Episode 3.

And, yes, I recorded Episode 3 today as well.

Game on!

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