Camaraderie is precious. This is the mutual trust and friendship that arises naturally among people who spend a lot of time together. Our roleplaying games community provides this in spades and it is perhaps the gift which I most value from my fantastic visits to imaginary worlds with fellow adventurers.

Through the podcast I have found new friends and gaming compatriots from across the globe. Today was a simple example of camaraderie: two of us hopped into the RPR Discord to chat and within 30 minutes there were five. Earlier in the day, having cleared out several books that I wanted to declutter, I was posting packages around the world for people who appreciate the value of covering the postage to receive a dusty tome from another gamer.

I recommend tabletop roleplaying games for myriad reasons but the greatest gift is the trust and friendship that arises when you play together, talk and spend time together, and allow yourselves to give and receive acceptance. There is something very deep about the friends I have discovered through 40 or more years of playing these games. I have not found anything quite like it anywhere else.

For this camaraderie, I am extremely grateful.

Game on!

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  1. The only other community where I get the same feels, or even better, is my historical miniatures club. Some of the best friends and kindest people I’ve ever known come from roleplaying and miniatures wargaming.


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