Solo Goblin Fight

Yesterday, as part of my solo play time but also to help with playtesting Simple Dungeon GURPS, I ran myself through a simple fight with some Goblins. The creature statistics had been provided by GMShadow while the characters were the adventurers I had rolled up using the draft rules. All it all, it was a LOT of fun to play through and helped me fix a number of bugs in my notes.

As ever, this is posted largely unedited from my notes jotted down as I played through the combat. Things would always play faster if I wasn’t making notes but, in a playtest, I find it useful to write down precise details. I didn’t really need the battle map and minis, but it was helpful to me as I worked through the fight to see relative positions. I hope this is of interest to you too.

Starting positions, with the Goblins at the top of the picture.

Jairus, Nelson, Jakob, and Fistan encounter a small Goblin raiding band. The Goblins are all armed with knives, two have shortswords and shields, one has a bow, and the other has two javelins. The encounter commences at a distance of 21 yards. Remember that each turn is one second in length.

The turn order is: Jairus, Nelson, Goblins, Jakob, Fistan


Jairus readies his bow, drawing an arrow. Nelson also readies his bow, drawing an arrow. The Goblin with a bow readies his bow too.

The Goblin with the javelin in hand moves 5 yards forward, seeking to lessen the range – he’s at the extreme right now. The Goblin with sword on the left advances 5 yards, as does the other one on the right.

Jakob decides to move out rightward towards the Goblin advancing with the sword, although weighed with all his gear he only moves 2 yards. Fistan begins to cast Daze.

Note: As I got to Fistan’s turn, I realised that the spells on his sheet were not meeting the prerequisites, so I reselected them. Fistan had Light, Foolishness, and Daze.


Jairus finishes nocking his arrow and so does Nelson. The Goblin nocks an arrow. The javelin gets aimed at Jairus.

The two sword-armed Goblins being to run, moving another 5 yards closer. Jakob continues to move out rightward towards the Goblin advancing with the sword another 2 yards.

Fistan’s spell is ready to activate – rolls… 11 to succeed. Resisted spells require a Quick Contest, Fistan’s skill versus the Goblin’s HT. Fistan rolls his Daze spell of 18… 3 is success by 15. The Goblin rolls its Health of 10… 11 is failure by one. The Goblin looks and acts normal but won’t notice what’s going on around him (or remember it later). Fistan spends 3 ST as fatigue from the spell. Fistan says, “The Goblin on the right is out of it.”


Jairus shoots his bow at the Goblin on the left, range 12 yards, needing a 18 or less… 7 is on target. The Goblin tries to block with its shield, needing an 8… and rolls an 8. Jairus’ arrow bounces off the Goblin’s shield. Jairus curses under his breath.

Nelson shoots at the same Goblin too, needing a 14… 11 is good. The Goblin tries to Dodge, needing an 8… 15 is a fail. Nelson’s arrow hits for 1d+1 impaling… 2+1 =3. The Goblin’s light leather armour is DR1, so 2 points go through and impaling doubles that to 4 damage. It’s down to 6 Hits now.

The Goblin bowman shoots at Jairus, range 22 yards, needing 13 or less… 6 is on target. Jairus tries to dodge, needing 7 or less… 16 is a failure. The arrow hits for 1d-2 impaling… 1 point bounces off Jairus’ heavy leather armour.

The Goblin on the left, now injured, continues the advance. The one on the right stands around oblivious, however. The Goblin with the javelin aimed at Jairus throws it, range 18, needing 16 or less… 12 is on target. Jairus tries to dodge… 10 is a failure. The javelin strikes for 1d-2 impaling… 1 point again, so it grazes off the armour. Lucky Jairus!

Jakob advances towards the lead Goblin on the left 2 yards. Fistan draws his dagger and maintains the Daze spell for a cost of 2 fatigue.

Edit: As pointed out in the comments below, it turns out I made a big mistake and didn’t realise the Duration of the Daze spell is 1 minute. Fistan didn’t need to maintain the spell for another 58 seconds.


Jairus draws his broadsword. Nelson draws his shortsword. The lead Goblins turns to face Jakob and holds its ground, sword in hand. The dazed Goblin does nothing. The archer draws an arrow. The javelin thrower readies his javelin. Jakob advances 2 yards towards the Goblin. Fistan maintains the spell for 2 fatigue (he’ll have to stop next turn), and advances 4 yards towards the dazed Goblin.


Jairus advances towards the injured Goblin swordsman, 5 yards. Nelson moves 3 yards forward, veering slightly right near Fistan. Facing two warriors, the Goblin is 1 yard from both and decides to back off a couple of yards. The archer nocks the arrow. The javelin thrower aims at Jakob. Jakob advances 2 yards towards the wounded Goblin and Fistan, now with only 4 fatigue, drops the Daze spell while advancing 4 yards.


Jairus closes on the Goblin, engaging him in melee. Nelson advances 3 yards towards the immobile Goblin. The beleaguered Goblin with the wound, lashes out at Jairus with an all-out attack taking the +2 damage bonus. It needs 12 to hit… and rolls 12. Jairus can try to parry, needing 11 or less… a 9 does it. The Goblin’s shortsword clangs as it strikes his broadsword.

The Goblin on the far side, now aware of the battle again, advances 5 yards on Fistan with sword and shield in hand to reach him in melee.

The javelin thrower attacks Jakob at 13 yards, needing a 16 or less… 9 is on target. Jakob tries to block with the shield, needing 9… 11 fails. The javelin does 1d-2… 3 points, less 1 DR, is 2 through = 4 impaling! Ouch! He’s down to 4 Hits.

The archer shoots at Jakob, range 16, needing 13 or less… 9 is on target. Jakob can try to dodge needing 6… 8 fails. The arrow slams into him for 1d-2… 3 points, 1DR, 4 impaling puts Jakob to zero Hits.

Fistan is in melee, so he attacks the Goblin with his dagger, needing 9 or less… 10 misses.


Jairus strikes at the Goblin with his broadsword, needing 19 or less… 11 is good. The Goblin tries to block with the shield, rolls… 7 to succeed. Crump, sword on shield!

Jakob, being on zero Hits, rolls Health to stay conscious… 12 fails. Jakob drops.

The Goblin strikes Jairus with its shortsword… 12 is success. Jairus tries to parry… 11 just makes it! Clang!

The Goblin strikes Fistan… 7 is on target. Fistan tries to dodge, 4 or less… 10 fails. The sword rolls 1d-2 cutting… 6-2 = 4, no armour, is 6 damage through! Fistan must test for knockdown, needing to roll under HT 8… 16. Oh dear. Fistan is knocked down prone and stunned. He’s also on 2 Hits, so his defenses and move are halved.

The archer Goblin draws another arrow. The other Goblin is out of javelins, so he draws his shortsword.

Nelson closes the 3 yards on the Goblin fighting Fistan, engaging it.

Fistan is stunned so tries to recover… 12 fails.


Jairus attacks the Goblin… 13 is good. The Goblins tries to parry… 12 fails. Damage is 2d+1… 10+1 cutting, less 1DR, is 15 wounds. Jairus cuts the Goblin down in one strike.

Jakob is unconscious.

The Goblin strikes at Nelson… 8 is good, Nelson tries to parry with his sword… 11 fails. 1d-2 damage… 2, less DR1 puts 2 cutting through.

The rear Goblin readies his shield.

The archer nocks the arrow.

Nelson tries to strike, although at -2 for the shock of being hurt. He needs 15-2= 13 to hit… 6 is on target! The Goblin tries to parry with its blade… 14 fails. The damage roll is 2d-1 cutting… 9 points, 1 DR, means 8 through and 12 damage scored. The Goblin drops. Things are turning in the hero’s favour.

Fistan tries to recover from the stunning… 14 fails.


Ordinarily, I think the Goblins might be thinking twice about continuing to fight. I decide to make a Reaction Roll… 3D6 scoring 8 means Poor.

Jairus advances 5 yards towards the Goblins. Nelson likewise advances, stepping over the body of the Goblin on the ground beneath him as he moves 3 yards.

The Goblin with sword and shield ready stands its ground and yells out something unintelligible. It sounds questioning in tone. The Goblin archer aims at Jairus but does not loose. He appears to be waiting.

Fistan tries to recover from the stunning wound… 9 fails again.


Seeing that the Goblins are hesitating, Jairus shouts that they should leave. He gestures with his free hand. Let’s test the Goblins’ comprehension by making an IQ check, needing 11 or less… 12 fails.

Nelson stops advancing and readies his shield.

The Goblins make another Reaction Roll, this time at +2 for the circumstances because the characters are intimidating but also giving the Goblins time to think… 12+2 = 14 and a Good result. The lead Goblin begins to back off while the archer continues the aim at Jairus.

Fistan rolls to recover… 11 fails.

At this point, I decide the characters will let the two Goblins withdraw and the fight is over.

Game on!


  1. Daze has a one minute duration and doesn’t have to be maintained each second. Your wizard character with Daze-18 would get a 1 second casting time reduction for high skill but would have a -1 penalty per yard to his target. Nevertheless, he probably would have been able to win the whole fight by himself if he’d moved forward for 2 or 3 turns and pointed a staff at his targets.

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    • Thanks for pointing out the duration mistake – Daze does indeed last 1 minute. Always good to learn from these kinds of errors, and gives good reason for sharing these sorts of tests. Given that I am using GURPS Lite Third Edition, there are no rules for reducing spell costs for high skill nor for range penalties. They will, of course, apply when I move up to Basic Set.


  2. *Edit: Sorry. A 1 FP cost reduction, not a 1 second time reduction. I know this is “Simple” GURPS you’re doing, but you’re doing DR and wounding modifiers for cutting attacks, so you might as well do spells with durations, etc.

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