Excitedly Writing

The Dungeons of Thaarl are starting to form in my mind and written notes as the days wander past. Ever since Sunday’s splurge of creativity with the GURPS Lite rules, I’ve been imagining the world that I want to build a megadungeon to play in. There’s an excitement that comes when the writing flows!

I’ve written before about the positive vibes I get every time GURPS 3e gets opened up and played with. Today I nicely printed-up a couple of copies of the GURPS Lite (2003) rules for easy reference. This made me smile because it feels so much more real and active with a proper booklet. On top of that, I’ve been re-reading GURPS Classic Magic and the Third Edition Basic Set. All of this inspires writing.

Picturing the Citadel of Thaarl, upon the broad deserted plain which is slowly dying due to the blistering daytime heat that has intensified since the Cataclysm, was the starting point. Under that Citadel lie the dusty halls of the Dungeons of Thaarl. The massive complex of tunnels and chambers have been abandoned due to their dangerous instability, twisted reality, and the vicious creatures which inhabit them. Only the desperate would enter them.

Frankly, I can’t wait to begin to map out the depths, stock them, and get playing!

Game on!

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