Palladium Complete

The Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying Game fascinated me as a teen gamer, and I have avidly collected the entire range of sourcebooks over recent years. Today, the last two tomes arrived all the way from the USA and my collection is complete!

This is a classic-style fantasy world which offers some interesting twists on common themes. In truth, the game rules for Palladium flavour the game world and these old mechanisms are pretty archaic. But there are great ideas in these sourcebooks and I would love to run a game set in the Known World of Palladium.

As a teenager, there were many ideas that I first encountered in these pages: the Summoner, the idea of magical Circles of Power, my first encounter with Hermetic magic (even if it is just a taste), and the use of prophecy to drive mystery in a fantasy world. I also love the many interesting species you can play, such as the Wolfen.

In terms of running this world, the draw for me would be to take the maps of the Known World and the sourcebook material as a basis to go and imagine something a bit darker and more twisted even than the original. I would plumb the depths of the setting, seeking to draw the player characters into mysteries and horrors from all across the realms.

I know it’s all a bit 1980s, but then so am I. The game was one that fired my imagination as a young gamer and it continues to do so today. I can’t wait to read these last two books!

Game on!


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