10 Tiny Play Ideas

Following on from yesterday’s post and having had a few comments, here’s a short list of things you can do that might be good play in 10-30 mins:

  1. Read a short bit of an RPG book (rules or setting)
  2. Roll up a quick character OR start designing/rolling up a slow character
  3. Run your character through a quick fight with a suitable foe
  4. Roll some random treasure, items, monsters, or whatever and imagine a scene with them
  5. Look at your games and pick one you keep meaning to play, then do 1 (above)
  6. Flip through a book you’re really familiar with and try to find one thing you’d not noticed (or had forgotten about)
  7. Pull the stats for a big monster you’d like to fight and imagine a suitable battle scene (you could do 3 with that scene another day)
  8. Level / improve a character in a significant way and imagine how this will change the game
  9. Go re-read the power, ability, skill, or other odd rule that you always forget
  10. Roll 3d6 twelve time, pick the worst six scores, and build the worst D&D character you can using those numbers

I am sure we can improve on this list but it’s what I have right now.

Game on!

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