This one’s not hobby related. I just wanted to show you a couple of pictures of the baby rats which arrived unexpectedly last week. It’s a long story, but our new male rat turned out not to be quite so male… despite three staff at the pet shop who insisted it was. Still, rat pups are cute.

Newly born…

New borns are tiny (1 inch long) and make cute, “Eep, eep” noises. They are largely amorphous ratling grubs and entirely helpless.

4 days old

Four days later, we have the beginnings of hair and colouring, louder “eep” noises, ears and eyes forming (but still blind), and tails! Rats of a recognisable breed!

8 days old

Eight days gives us still blind but very rat-like pups with fur and a more distinguishable squeak noise. Still a big bundle of fluff but cute none the less.

Game on!

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