Face Folio

I received my physical copy of the “Face Folio“, a project I backed sometime in the recent past and produced by the inimitable Goblin’s Henchman. It’s a nice little booklet – about A5 – and contains dozens of small head-shot style images of fantasy characters.

What I like is the immediate utility of the booklet. For me, it’s a quick way in to creating interesting fantasy NPCs. You pick a suitable image and there are some nice random name generators in each section of the booklet, each keyed to the different species (such as Elves or Dragonblood).

The images are all black-and-white but very nicely drawn by artist “Marcin s“. It reminds me that all you really need is a decent picture in your head and you can easily cook up the other details that will make for a useful NPC. This booklet give me images that I might not have thought up myself. Thanks, Goblin’s Henchman!

Game on!

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