Doctor Who

Having been a life-long fan of Doctor Who, when I saw there was a new edition of the DWRPG being released I preordered it immediately. This was around the time, at the end of last year, I was introducing the school club members to the idea that Doctor Who had a roleplaying system.

The promise of Spring release came and went but today, on the hottest day in British recorded history, the book arrived. Walking to the Post Office to pick it up through 40-degree hot wind, I was slightly nervous about this being the opening scene of a Dalek invasion episode. But so far, so good.

It’s one of those games that I want to play around with, really. The big-picture Doctor Who vision of Time and Space is compelling and it might be fun to take an incarnation of the Doctor for a solo romp across the universe. I’m reasonably sure only one of my friends would want to play it, so getting a group seems unlikely.

Anyway… sheltering against the heatwave, I aim to dig in to the rules this evening. Perhaps I will update you once I’ve reported in to Unit and confirmed that this isn’t, in fact, the apocalypse… yet.

Game on!

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