A Bit of a Spacey Day

The theme today has definitely been space. Having got started on tidying up the four characters I was building for some of the players in tomorrow’s “Serene Dawn” opening session (that’s our Third Imperium games using GURPS), I was settling in to try and figure out how to prep an adventure when the door knocked. The postie dropped off these rather lovely books:

The “Little White Book” is a printed copy of the new Facsimile Edition Classic Traveller book I wrote about back in September. In short, it’s:

a lithographic reproduction of the 1981 LBBs, with errata added, combined into one perfect bound volume with a white cover and a black underline stripe.

The other books are adventures from Mongoose Publishing set in the Solomani Rim region of the Third Imperium – just where I am currently setting up our new game. Weirdly, I have been sent two copies of each book… but that’s by-the-by.

With all that inspiration, you’d think I would be all ready to go for tomorrow’s game. I’m not. I’ve been finding it hard to work out how best to kick things off and, having reviewed all my notes made when creating the characters, am going to let it all stew and sink in. There are a few spare hours in the morning to pull it all together for midday.

So yeah… a bit of a spacey day. It’s left me feeling a wee bit spaced out too.

Game on!


  1. However distracting / inspiring. I love that these lil Traveller gem keep appearing so soon after u committed to run some.
    Hope they’re more toward the inspirational end and all starts slotting in together soon, so u can feel confident or at least comfortable to run your Traveller tomorrow and we can have fun exploring Webster’s Spacey Worlds.

    I definitely had a ‘spacey’ day in a different format today.
    I had nothing planned other than to walk the dog and figure out other ways to fill the time n prepare food for my wife.
    I achieved neither of these, resulting in worsening back pain, a very frustrated n dog and an as yet unfed wife. Thankfully she’s in a meeting, so that issue is postponed. But I have no energy n feel distinctly flat.
    Tomorrow however, I have a reason to be and am looking forward to it.
    I don’t really like my work all that much, but I’m really not taking our Xmas break well.
    My highlight today was familiarising myself with my character. It’s strange how other worlds and lives can be so much more attractive than living our own.

    Here’s to a spacey day tomorrow in good company, of a far more positive kind.
    Thank you in advance


  2. Mysteries on Arcturus Station appeals to me after watching Seth’s video but Mongoose need to let FLGS have stuff quicker. I refuse to buy except to support a game store and Mongoose are holding out for internet sales for too long.


    • You are very lucky to have a FLGS (there are none near me) and I fully appreciate you wanting to keep what you have. Perhaps if more gamers let Mongoose know their frustration then a change could be made?


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