Little White Books

With considerable surprise and glee, I received a .PDF copy of the Traveller “Little White Book” from Marc Miller this morning.

The email, no doubt received by many others who have supported Marc’s work over the years, read:

Little White Books (LWB) are new printings of Classic Traveller rules,set to appear in later 2021 and through 2022.

LWB-1 is the Classic Traveller Facsimile edition: a lithographic reproduction of the 1981 LBBs, with errata added, combined into one perfect bound volume with a white cover and a black underline stripe. The interior text is a faithful scan of the original

– email extract

Exciting stuff for an old Traveller Grognard such as me. Being sent an early .PDF copy was a very generous act from the author and I delve inside with curiosity.

Game on!


  1. I have the pdf. I have not examined it enough to note any in-text corrections, but there are symbols in the margins that indicate sections covered by the errata that is at the end of the books.


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