Three Campaigns I Dream About

At any given time in my mind there are probably several roleplaying ideas bubbling around, bumping into each other, and generally causing my head to fizz. That’s probably not all that surprising to other gamers. Especially given how many books I buy.

What are perhaps more significant are those key campaign ideas that keep reoccurring, popping up over and over again through the years. I thought it might be useful for me to jot down the list of three that keeps running around in my mind for all to see.


Ever since I was about 9 years old, I have been fascinated by RuneQuest. I never really delved too deep into Glorantha and the rest of the lore back in the day because… well, I was relatively poor and didn’t have much of an awareness of what was being published through the late 1980s and 1990s. I’ve said it before so I might as well say it again: I have always wanted to take part in a really solid RuneQuest game set in Sartar. Probably with ducks.


I’ve been talking about this for a few weeks now and I am working towards getting a game off the ground. The dream has always been to start off a galaxy-spanning series of games in which we explore the Third Imperium and beyond. I have everything I need to do this in terms of stuff. What I didn’t have for most of my life was the combination of interested players, self-belief, and spare time to pull it off. That might be about to change.

Modern Conspiracy Horror

Dark*Matter was the origin of this idea, way back at the turn of the century. We even played some back then too – one of the most successful campaigns I have ever run too. Ever since, I have been noodling around with bringing things up to date.

It’s why I bought all the Ken Hite Suppressed Transmissions books… which in turn got me curious about GURPS. This campaign idea also led me down the path of researching the “interesting” world of David Icke and delving into the deeply troubling shallows of general conspiracy. Fearing corruption, I have retreated to GURPS Illuminati and considering a near-future conspiracy-horror… as long as we hold off from involving a pandemic (for now).

Dozens of other ideas flood around in my mind but these three core ideas come up again and again. I guess that, over time, I need to allow them to surface and get played. If I can find the players, the self-confidence, and the time. Until then… well, I’ll muddle along.

Game on!

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