Delvers To Grow

They have arrived! The most anticipated book product of 2021 is Delvers To Grow for Dungeon Fantasy RPG by Kevin Smith… and that book, plus the supporting stuff, just arrived from Gaming Ballistic.

Delvers To Grow solves the biggest problem in GURPS – namely that character creation using Character Points is time-consuming and a genuine barrier to new players – with an innovative system of interconnecting mini-templates which help you to build a character from some common Dungeon Fantasy tropes.

As it’s a Gaming Ballistic product from the desk of Doug Cole, it’s also a beautifully illustrated full colour staple bound book that lays flat on the table. It’s on high-quality paper and has a gloss cover. My photos don’t really do it justice. The books are worth spending the money on and very good value.

It’s my belief that this idea from Doug and Kevin – to break the standard GURPS template into modular pieces and help new players spend points in thematic blocks – is going to change the experience of starting to play Dungeon Fantasy (and by extension GURPS) once everyone who’s not already into GURPS catches a taste of it. It’s a step forward that is long overdue.

When I spoke to Doug about the project – back when it was starting on Kickstarter – I was excited. Now that I have the books, I find myself wanting to try it in the field. It energises me when someone expends the cognitive and physical effort to solve a problem for me… and getting new players into GURPS has stopped me playing that game for more than 20 years. Thanks, Doug and Kevin.

Given that Dungeon Fantasy RPG is a wonderful presentation of dungeoneering-style fantasy, this product offers a way in that’s even easier. It’s also scaled down from 250 points characters to 187 points, 125 points, and even 62 points options.

For people like me, who want a low-powered fantasy game to learn the system, Delvers To Grow is an inexpensive addition that will open doors for those who are willing to pick up 3d6 even as they leave the d20 behind.

Game on!

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  1. Hi Che. I had the most pleasant surprise today when these turned up. Doubly so because I forgot that I had backed the print option. To date, the only GURPS game I have played is the Monster Hunters game that you ran. These books looks simple enough for me jump in and try the adventure using the pregens, and flexible too with those three ties of starting points.

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