On Dungeon Master’s Diary

Patrons of Roleplay Rescue get to hear my weekly rambling audio diary entitled, “Dungeon Master’s Diary”. I’ve just finished editing episode 96 and one of the callers, Brian, has called for “something special” for Episode 100. I have no ideas. I mean, what can I do that is special?

That aside, the Dungeon Master’s Diary has become important to me because I’ve discovered that wittering into the microphone every day or two is very cathartic. It works especially well because I know that I will be sharing the entries and then – through the magic that is Anchor podcasting – Patrons are going to call in and give me feedback.

The DM’s Diary is raw, personal, deeply emotive, and largely unedited… I mean, I do edit together the mix of my ramblings and listener call-ins, plus my occasional replies to those messages… but otherwise it’s unexpurgated. I made that decision a long time ago because I wanted the whole thing to be real.

Listeners tell me they like the Dungeon Master’s Diary precisely for that unexpurgated and raw quality – it’s reassuring to many (as I understand it) to hear another human being admit to their thoughts, feelings, worries, and paranoia.

For me, it’s healthy to listen back each week and hear myself go through those same experiences. I gain perspective on the week. I hear insights repeated. I can connect the dots of the narrative of my life in gaming too. It’s been part of my therapy more than almost anything else.

Sometimes I wonder if the act of picking up my iPhone and recording my thoughts, collecting them together, and listening back might be one of the best ideas Frank T. (who first suggested it) ever had.

Game on!

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