Islands In the Rift #2

This post follows on from Travelling: The Great Rift and Islands In The Rift #1, forming the next instalment of my actual play report. This is a quickly assembled set of notes and is largely unedited - please forgive me if that's distracting.

Esta and Gren have left their weapons with the other two Travellers and decided to run the risk of trying customs again. Posing as a couple on holiday, they aim to go buy Gren some new gear. Meanwhile, Vek and Jerome will wait at the docks.

Chaos Factor 5
Luck Points = 1
Scene Check = Altered: “Agree Success”

“Identification, please.”
Esta waved her comm over the panel, as did Gren. Their Imperial identification details flashed up on the customs official’s screen.
“What’s the purpose of your visit to Amondiage?”
“Oh, pleasure,’ cooed Esta, “because we’re on a holiday to Amondiage… first in a few years now, eh honey?”
Gren smiled and winked at the official.
“I see. Well, it all looks in order, ma’am. Pleasant vacation.”

They walked through into the starport proper. It was a clean and bustling environment, all gleaming metal and lots of white plastic. Big screens were broadcasting the local news highlights – once again, the daily cycle was focused on “unprecedented aggression” from Amondiage’s neighbouring systems. Gren looked around for a computers and software shop on the main concourse while Esta kept an eye open for danger. The trip through customs had felt just a little too easy.

Is there a computers and software shop nearby? Seems Very Likely in a Tech Level 12 starport like Amondiage. Draws… Yes. Additionally, there are Amondiage Internal Security Agents observing our Travellers. Does Esta spot them? This is a Difficult (10+) Recon task and she has Recon-0, meaning she has training but no bonus. Rolling 2d6, +0 INT modifier, +0 skill modifier… 11. Success!

Gren smiled broadly, pointing towards the garish shop sign for Uncle Benny’s Peripherals. That’s when he noticed the subtle glance from Esta as she sidled up close and whispered, “We’ve got company. Two on our tail.”
The pair decided to go about their business and see what happened. Gren led the way, loudly discussing his excitement at the prospect of buying a new computer as an anniversary gift from Esta.

I want to slip back to the docks and see if anything interesting is happening there. I decide that Vek and Jerome are trying to work the local scene to pick up clues about the missing starship, The Perfect Stranger. Draw to see if the scene goes ahead… Expected.

Vek and Jerome had spent the past couple of hours touring the docks and talking to vendors. They had been asking around for details on the ship and seeing what information might shake loose.

This is an Average (8+) Streetwise task, which is unfortunate as Esta is the skilled one in this area. I notice Jerome has Carouse-0 and decide to rule he can use this instead if he spends a bit of cash in the docks bars. We spend the Cr40 that Vek won on the low lottery to grease the wheels. Rolls 2d6, +2 SOC, +0 skill bonus… 12+2 = 14, success with an Effect of 6. That’s big.

“Sure, I’ve heard of that ship,” exclaims a local dockworker. He fumbles for his comm pad and shows Jerome an entry in Everyone’s Guide for The Perfect Stranger. It’s not favourable.

Does the dockworker remember the ship’s departure? Seems Unlikely but who knows. Draws… Exceptional No.

“Hey, if you guys are official maybe I can help you out. You got Imperial documentation for the old heap?”
Jerome nodded and called over Vek, indicating he should show their new friend the IISS papers for the starship. He does so. The dockworker smiles broadly and says, “Can’t see why the trim coats wouldn’t help you out, but let me make a call.”
Five minutes later he tells them that The Perfect Stranger filed a flight plan to jump to Acadie and then on to Colchis, then New Home. Thanking the dockworker, the team heads to a quiet place to check in with Esta.

Chaos Factor 4

The next logical scene would be at Uncle Benny’s Peripherals but we need to check. Draws… Shuffle! Ok. I shuffle the deck. Draws… Expected.

Gren approached the counter and a smiling sales person approached within seconds.
“Can I help you, sir?”
“Yeah, my girlfriend wants to buy me a new computer,” said Gren loudly. Esta stifled the grimace that wormed inside her. Girlfriend. Pah
“Great. Come and see what we’ve got.”
While Gren checks out and buys a new computer – which is always a handy tool in his hands – Esta receives a comm call from Vek. He tells her what they have discovered and they agree to call off the intrusion plan… but let Gren buy the machine anyway.

At TL3, Amondiage offers a Computer/3 for Cr1000. This means it can run programs with a total Bandwidth of 3. Because Intrusion software is usually illegal and Gren knows they are being watched, he’ll avoid that topic. He buys an Intelligent Interface program plus TL10 Security software. Total cost is Cr2100 which Esta charges to Gren’s IISS expenses account… which might blow their cover but she is otherwise penniless. They both needed this job.

Does the computer purchase flag anything with Amondiage Security? I figure it would if they bother to check the account. It seems like a 50/50 situation to me. Draws… No.

Chaos Factor 3
Luck Points = 1

The next logical scene would be chartering a flight to Acadie. This is a star system one parsec Spinward-Rimward. Check… Draws Expected.
Is there a Middle Passage transport heading to Acadie? Seems Likely, given that Acadie is a subject system to Amondiage. Draws… Exceptional No.

Having spent the evening looking for a flight to Acadie and discovering no such transport was offering passage, the Travellers decide that maybe they should see about signing on as crew. The next morning, posing as a freelance freighter crew, the party sees what they can find.

Can the party sign on to a vessel heading for Acadie that needs four crew? Seems Unlikely to be honest. Draws… Yes, No… with a Random Event. Here we go! I decide Random Events count for Luck Points… +1 Luck.
Draws for event… “Oppress Attention”

Seems like a great place to leave things until next time.

Chaos Factor 3
Luck Points = 2

Game on!

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