Travelling: The Great Rift

Following on from the recent episode, “Solo Sundays” (Season 9, Episode 3), I’ve been working up to a new solo game. Before I start play, I wanted to codify a few notes that help to solidify my methodology for the game.


I’m going to collaborate with the Mythic GM Emulator Deck to explore the Third Imperium using Traveller.

To facilitate playing an adventure, I have chosen the “Islands In The Rift” adventure from Mongoose Publishing to act as a structure around which to hang initial play.


I’m going to use the core Mythic game structure to handle the majority of Referee questions that would normally arise in a roleplaying game. That includes using the Mythic scene worksheet to note down the scenes as they develop, the Threads, and the NPCs that turn up.

Because playing Traveller includes some Referee resources, such as random encounter tables, I am going to reference and use these in play… at least, initially. I may develop my own or draw on other resources if that seems to be beneficial but, at first, I want to see how the core rulebook resources feel.

In addition, I am going to have a pool of three Luck Points on hand. These tokens can be used in two ways:

  1. Spending a Luck Point allows a re-roll on any dice roll.
  2. Spending a Luck Point allows me as the Player to determine the outcome of a question I would ordinarily draw Mythic cards for.

The rationale is that I often feel a bad dice roll can ruin the direction of the story and I don’t want to give 100% narrative control to the GM Emulator nor the rules of Traveller.

This will help prevent the temptation to “cheat” by re-rolling dice I don’t like (yes, I do suffer from that temptation from time to time). It also means I will find it easier to refrain from just deciding non-logical decisions in the story rather than asking Mythic a question.

Limiting myself with three tokens is a good start. I think I will refresh the tokens by adding one whenever there is an Interrupt scene, to a maximum of five – this might be too much, but we will see.

Extra Rules

Because this is a deep space exploration-style game, I am going to use the additional rules for Setbacks & Breakdowns outlined in “Islands In The Rift” on pages 18-19. That said, the rules give each character a Stress Index value but don’t specify how the value affects stress checks. I am going to assume it acts as a negative modifier to stress checks as a house rule.


Last weekend, I generated four characters using the core Traveller rules. For now, I will keep the details of those characters under wraps because I intend to slowly share their backstories both through play and via the medium of additional “Dramatis Personae” posts as the game upfolds.

And yes… I have already started playing. First instalment coming soon. Watch out for updates!

Game on!

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