Recovering Stars, Darkened

This weekend we are due for our regular session of the Saturday Night Roleplay group online and, now that all the players appear to be available again, it seems appropriate to recover the floundering “Stars, Darkened” dark-age SF game. To do this, I am abandoning Mongoose Traveller and turning to GURPS.

Playing with all the rules behind the screen with Traveller was tough. The abstractions in the system, especially around combat, were much harder to manage with this methodology than when I previously played with Imagine and GURPS. After the last session, I was struggling to continue largely because it was a lot of work to improvise description using such vague mechanisms.

With eight weeks between the last and next session, I decided that I would prefer to master one roleplaying game and focus on GURPS. This decision informed the next decision, that when I chose to recover the SF game I would also convert it to playing with GURPS. The main barrier is the process of converting characters from one rules engine to another.

GURPS makes this easier because of two factors: the GCS tools created by fans make building characters quick and easy; the ability to strip back the level of detail to the most comfortable version for my own tastes makes it less daunting. While I need to work on them prior to the game, this is more a matter of time than effort.

Not sure exactly how things will run going forward but I am aiming to be as open to player decision-making as I can. In the long-term, my hope is to develop greater degrees of trust at the table and operate with the maximum Tactical Infinity in as descriptive a style as possible.

Only the desires of some players to play with some rules exposed to them stops this being the experiment in Otherworld-immersion I had hoped for.

Game on!

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