Forming a Group

My goal this year is to find a way to create a new face-to-face group near where I live in Nottingham, UK. To that end, I suppose the first thing to say is, “Hey! If you live near Nottingham, UK and fancy roleplaying, give me a shout!”

Forming face-to-face groups has always been something I have found difficult, ever since leaving home in 1989 and moving around the country. From 1998 until 2020, I had a fairly consistent biweekly group that met at my home. The pandemic, of course, stopped that even though it was pretty much losing momentum anyway.

The really weird thing, three years later and having not had to go out into the wide world to find players in more than 25 years, is that I’m not really sure I know how to do this. Even though the internet puts me in touch with gamers all over the globe, I am a little at a loss on how to form a new group to meet somewhere local and physical.

My first steps have been the obvious ones: ask around the digital haunts I frequent and see if anyone is nearby. Much beyond that, I am maybe thinking of looking at “Meet Up” or asking around at the local library. Truth is that I am not sure how to find people with shared interests anymore.

It seems I am fine with blogging here, fine with shouting into the mic and posting podcasts, but I can’t find the courage to meet people in a pub. I must be getting old, I suppose.

Suggestions welcome.

Game on!

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  1. There were a few websites like Meetup but without any payments involved. There was one I used to check years ago, but when I tried it earlier this year they’d erased my login credentials. Some RPG forums also have boards where you can post Looking for Group in your area. Bottom line is that if you poke around you might find something.

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