Low-powered Monster Hunters

Right now, as I draft my notes for Webster’s Modern Monster Hunters, I am loving the challenge of playing with 25-points average citizen characters. This is a GURPS Framework for playing a modern “monster hunter” game using GURPS Third Edition.

The idea is to allow players to discover a regular citizen in a modern urban environment and then have them confront the reality of monsters in the flesh. The power level is dialled way down so that all interactions with the monstrous are dangerous, even deadly.

The overall theme is of mystery and finding ways to overcome the monstrous while discovering your unique calling as a Child of The Divine. I’m going to get players to build characters based on a quick sequence of basic questions and choices. From there, we’ll begin play.

What’s great about 25-points is that it allows them to spread scores of 12, 11, 10, and 9 among the four Attributes; then we’ll give them 5-points of “everyman skills”. Once the game begins, they are going to be granted a Divine Power which will manifest during play, thus boosting them from average to a more competent power range.

My hope is that this will be a quick to get started and exciting set-up for a scenario. Players will discover the basics of the “monstrous reality” around them, manifest their powers, and dive headlong into the action. If we enjoy it, we’ll keep the game rolling for as long as we have interest.

Game on!

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