If In Doubt…

If in doubt, add something small to your map… or a tiny detail to your NPC notes… or a little detail to the description of an object. Create a single name. Invent a clue.

It’s not new but it really does work.

Just one tiny detail added to your world keeps your hand in on the creative process. This small act of invention stokes the fires of your mind and helps to keep the vision of your game alive. When you don’t know what else to do, just add one little thing.

I call this Tiny Prep and it’s how I keep my hobby projects alive during the most intense periods of work and life stress. One small thing added daily accumulates. Details build and form larger entities. Before you know it, you’ve got something that rewards your persistence.

Don’t stop moving forward. One small step at a time is just fine. What you are aiming for is a daily habit of showing up, even if for just a few seconds. In time, that habit will grow. You’ll know when is the right time.

Game on!

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