Spinning My Wheels

There are times in life when I feel as though I am spinning my wheels. I am full-throttle but getting nowhere. The strain is evident in my thought patterns as much as in my physical bearing. It’s frustrating but I cannot seem to get the brakes to release.

In my hobby, this feeling comes around once or twice a year. I’m in this state now and it’s truly overwhelming on an emotional level. I know that I should do something but I don’t know what. There are too many choices, too many ideas, too many possibilities.

It’s probably a symptom of my mind. The Scanner who is constantly looking to the horizon, seeking the opportunities but unable to move towards any one of them. I oscillate between excitement and exhaustion, desire and lethargy. What do I do with my time today?

The uncertainty comes from having no sense of direction. There isn’t a “right way” to go and the choices mount up. Shall I play this game, or that one? Ideas rush through my mind every day and I cannot sift through them to find the gold.

But this too shall pass. I know this sense of stuckness, of spinning my wheels, will end. There will come a point at which either I simply choose something and begin, or something is pushed in my direction and I respond. The solution is simple, I know… but knowing and acting are different things.

And so I sit here and spin my wheels a little longer. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Game on!


  1. I waste whole weeks in that state.
    Never quite deciding and doing nothing as a result, when often doing anything would be better.

    Maybe try applying ur roll a dice prep method to this?
    If u can resolve a list down as far as a dice result then let it provide the direction. If that isn’t specific enough, make a sub-group of results and roll again.

    If like me, you’ll probably find it’s the same few things ur torn between most of the time, so it might actually work.
    Worth a go?

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    • That’s a pretty good suggestion. Although I worry about turning into The Dice Man, making rolls for every decision, I think this is an unfounded fear: we are talking about narrowing choices. To be fair, if you can narrow it down to 6 options then choosing gets easier anyway. The problem is the perception of having near-infinite choices… but the reality is that, as you said, we tend to gravitate to fewer options than we realise. Game on!


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