Finding My Style

Over the past five years or so, I’ve been on a long spiralling journey that has travelled around the question of what kinds of roleplaying games I truly enjoy. This has been a quest into the style of play that I most want in my life and, more to the point, what I don’t want. Answers have come slowly, experiments have been made, and discoveries unearthed. Am I closer to the answer? Maybe.

What I do know is that several common assumptions about gaming don’t fit me: I like to have a rules structure, so rules lite is not for me; I enjoy low-powered and grounded fantasy, so cinematic and super-heroic styles don’t fit; I’m more interested in Worlds and characters than I am in mechanisms and story-telling.

The simple fact is that, right now, the journey has brought me to a definite decision-point: am I going to continue trying to please other people, offering what I think (or imagine) players want, or am I going to embrace playing in the way that feels most natural to me?

I think that even if the latter choice leaves me alone and playing solo, it’s better to be true to who you are than to pretend to be something else.

I’m not yet sure what my next game will be but it needs to come from deeper within me.

Game on!


  1. I can’t say what’s best for you, but I’ve found that running a game you’re not into is okay for one shots and the like. But for longer games, I need to run something I like or I lose motivation. So I have to take the hit that I might lose players who I get on with, for the sake of players who want to be in my game.

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    • Pretty much this: I’ve run a few games that I was not particularly fond of, and it becomes harder the longer they run. Though I can learn to like the games.

      In the end, remember we’re in this to have fun (both running and playing). As long as you are having fun, then all is well. It is just more fun to play/run games you really enjoy.

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