Kobold Guide To Dungeons

This is a product awareness post, as my copy of the “Kobold Guide To Dungeons” was delivered today. It’s a recent release from Kobold Press and features several respected RPG luminaries.

I have to admit that I was reluctant to buy this because previous Kobold Guides have been a little… bland. Fair enough advice but generally nothing particularly ground-breaking or original. But I was tempted by contributions by Keith Amman, Keith Webb, and Wolfgang Baur who all have written good stuff in the past.

First impressions are that the book is a little thin for $20 – it’s about 100 pages in that weird size that is slightly more than A5. It almost cost me a leg to ship it, so I hope the writing and advice proves worthwhile. The interior is black-and-white single column text and there are 17 essays to read. A quick flip through has me keen to dive in, with some interesting teasers I noticed as I breezed through.

Given that I am designing my own megadungeon right now, it seems prudent to invite in some different perspectives and see what the designers have to say about dungeons. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Game on!

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