Two Products

Just a quick shout-out for two products this week, both of which are very cool and I am keen to dig into more deeply.

The first is the Mythic GM Emulator Second Edition hardback book. You probably know that I really enjoy the Mythic solo products but I am particularly impressed with this cleaned-up, improved, and much better presented second edition.

The second is Rolemaster Unified Spell Law released as a .PDF this week. As a long-time fan of Rolemaster, I was delighted to help playtest this back around 8 or 10 years ago. It’s been a long wait but, taken together with Core Law, this book makes it almost possible to play. Just the Creature Law book to come.

All in all, given that the enemy of all creators is obscurity, I wanted to give both products a shout. If either appeals, go check ’em out.

Game on!

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