Simple GURPS Wizard

This post is for Eric who emailed to ask:

The simplified GURPS information on your blog has fascinated me… could you post a picture of a filled out simplified GURPS character sheet on your blog?

Yes, of course I can. To be honest, I just rolled this one up for you and it took around 8 minutes to complete everything:

I wrote all the equipment on the back:

Hope that helps! Thanks for the email, Eric!

Game on!

Addendum: One of the downsides of haste is that we make mistakes. Fistan could not have the Shield spell because he does not have the prerequisite Magery 2. Lend Health needed Lend Strength as a prerequisite too, although (as I recall) I meant to write Lend Strength. I’ve changed his spells to Light, Foolishness, and Daze.

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