Shields Up, Monsters!

In a stunningly convenient turn of events, just as I start to re-approach doing a dungeoncrawl powered by GURPS, the latest products from Gaming Ballistic arrived yesterday.

Three bestiaries themed around insects, serpents, and animate plants are a great addition to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG line and are pretty much useable unchanged for GURPS too. These little booklets are packed with great ideas and colour images to inspire.

Shields Up is a supplement detailing interesting ways to get more from shields in the game. Again, it’s a nice useful-looking booklet and published in high-quality on good paper stock with a matt-finish cover. I look forward to digging in deep.

Alongside these came the bestiary reference cards which I like to use at the table, or at my computer desk when running online. Condensed data on one side and a cool image on the other is a practical tool for any GM to access during the game.

Big thanks to Doug Cole for producing and delivering yet another great set of products!

Game on!

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