Big Pathfinder Spider

Tonight’s session at the school club was fun. I ran the next couple of scenes in the Beginner Box adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition. It was a blast!

There are spoilers in this post.

Having beaten off Giant Rats, the party decided to enter the rough hole in the wall and discovered a large cave with a sharp slippery cliff to climb down. Having figured out what equipment each character was carrying, it was a delight to watch five young players figure out how to attach a grappling hook to a rope and then use it to make climbing easier.

From there, the group entered an obvious spider’s lair. The roguish Merisiel went in first – somewhat boldly – and got stuck on some spider webbing. The Giant Spider charged across the cave and struck her down with one poisoned bite.

The wizard, Ezren, ran forward and unleashed a devastating barrage of magical missiles, severely injuring the spider. The cleric, Kyra, cast a cure wounds spell on Merisiel while Valeros, the fighter, ran forward and raised his shield to ward off attack.

The spider’s next actions were to shoot spider webbing at the slowly recovering rogue and then rush the fighter to bite him. Thankfully, Valeros was able to ward off the spider. Ezren then charged into the fray with his staff and smooshed the spider’s head, killing it.

From there, the party has advanced towards the next passageway where they have decided to break open a barricade to find out what the strange noises from behind might be.

All in all, it’s been great to play with these new gamers and see them rise to the challenge of the adventure! We next meet in a fortnight, after the short school holiday next week!

Game on!

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