Pathfinding Again

Given the recent furore over Wizards and their OGL shenanigans, I’ve decided to offer a Beginner’s Box game of Pathfinder 2e instead of demo’ing Dungeons & Dragons at the school club. Partly, I want to support the ORC initiative from Paizo, partly I am angry with Wizards, and mostly I think that Pathfinder 2e is a better game.

Firstly, thanks again the Patrons who fund Roleplay Rescue and thus have allowed me to purchase a Pathfinder Beginner’s Box for the club. It’s a privilege to provide young adults with games they can play and enjoy together. You make this possible.

I hope that people will understand my decision to shift attention away from D&D a bit but, in all conscience and as a long-term supporter of dozens of awesome products created by third-party companies over two decades, I cannot simply ignore the furore. On the other hand, this is about the only thing I want to say on the topic right now.

Pathfinder 2e is a cracking game and I hope the students will enjoy the adventure. I am confident the maps, tokens, and pregens will make it an attractive game to play. I know it’s loads of fun because I have already run it for friends and given the previous club two copies – and they loved it too!

Here’s to a bright future of hobby gaming with young adults and thanks again for your support!

Game on!

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