Saturday Night Roleplay

Took a decision to create a gaming group for play in 2023 and it seems there is enough interest to reconvene the Saturday Night Roleplay sessions going forward. It’s a delight to see so many gamers wanting to connect and play together, and also being willing to give an Otherworld-immersive style a good shake-down cruise. It’s exactly the kind of feel-good gift that settling in for (Western) Christmas deserves.

Discussion in Discord has yielded the suggestion of experimenting with some science-fiction play around the idea of a futuristic Dark Age universe. I like this idea because it allows me to restrict and subvert the information players might have about their world with a good rationale: technology and information has been lost and now you are survivors in a Dark Age.

I’m not sure whether everyone is going to be onboard with the idea – after all, it’s (Western) Christmas Eve and most folk are busy with family or church – but I am curious to see if we can develop something interesting and propel ourselves into play from January. It’s also an opportunity for me to focus my hobby efforts this coming week while I am off work and get creative.

Whatever we end up playing, the key for me has been to stick my neck out and work to build a new group for 2023. The past few weeks have taught me that, as hard as GMing can be when you are busy with work, life lived without the stuff you enjoy quickly becomes dark and dreary. I see a point of light in what was rapidly feeling like a year to fear.

Big thanks to all the RPR Patrons and friends who are helping to make 2023 a year for playing RPGs again!

Game on!

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