What To Run In 2023?

One way or another, I am determined to get back to the gaming table and run something consistently during 2023. The problems are threefold:

  1. What on earth do I run?
  2. Who will I run a game for?
  3. How can I keep myself on track?

Working backwards, the first trick will be to leverage the learning I have made this year to help my brain to stay focused. Tiny Prep and the idea of the daily prep habit will be key in giving myself the confidence to run a game on a consistent basis. I feel I am fairly established with this process and have the tools in hand to make it work in 2023.

The question of who will be playing is an open one. I have placed the offer to those RPR Patrons and friends who are members of the Discord and am curious to seeing who coalesces around a potential group. I have decided that it’ll have to be a weekend gaming session which will, in turn, narrow the field to those free to play at those times. My view is that we are forming a gaming group here, so the last question will have to wait until the group has formed.

What to run is more tricky… even given the decision to wait until I have interested players. With a group meeting to play “something”, rather than pitching specific games in the vain hope of attracting interested players, there is still going to be a need to play a game that I can, as the GM, enjoy too. Honestly, that’s probably a longer list than I’d care to admit.

The problems of having a fickle brain that likes to jump from idea to idea is going to be the elephant in the room. How do I manage the ADHD desire to run off with a tangent? The only way I’ve found so far has been to commit myself to playing a game that scratches most or all of my engagements and then keeping the game active. Too many breaks in play allows space for distraction, as does delving into anything that I am already too familiar with running.

It’s going to be a challenge… but hopefully 2023 will bring something lively and exciting to my table. The biggest factor will be whomever chooses to show up.

Game on!

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