GURPS Horror!

Look what I managed to acquire for less than the price of a cup of coffee this week! I am loving collecting these old books whenever I can find them, even if they still have the price tag from when the book was sold by Virgin after they acquired all the old non-GW games stock from GW.

It’s the aesthetic of the First Edition era of GURPS that I particularly enjoy. This one has a lovely touch of colour added to what is a typically black-and-white interior. But the whole interior layout warms my heart and draws me in. While I truly do enjoy the modern game, there’s nothing quite like the earlier days of GURPS for style.

This book makes we want to play more old-school GURPS Third Edition. I reckon I can do wonders with the creatures and will find lots of great ideas within these old pages. Frankly, every GURPS book I have ever read seemed to open up my mind to gaming possibilities I had not considered.

Game on!

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