School Club Update

Session 3 was held today at the school D&D Club, and it was a blast! Sixteen students showed up and one of them, the lad who took the D&D5e Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual last time, rocked up to run a game. I gave out three more sets of products – two Starter Sets and another Basic Fantasy bundle – and it looks like some of the other six students who now have product may begin to run games too.

My favourite moment was talking to the aspiring GM who said, “I’m not sure I know how to run this game, but I do have a cool idea.” I told him to set a scene and describe the opening situation, ask the players what they want to do, and if he needed to roll to adjudicate make it a D20 roll with high being good and low being bad. They got started and within about 5 minutes were clearly having a good time. About 15 minutes in, I saw he’d grabbed out the DM’s Screen and set it up and off they went.

My B/X game continued with searching the Goblin cave, in which they found a room with a cage that turned out to be harbouring a Green Slime. Most of the characters ran away but the newest player – a plucky girl playing “The Nameless One” – decided to hit it with her torch… and discovered how much Green Slime hates fire! Recovering their nerve, the party pushed on deeper but have discovered the Goblin’s semi-fortified cave. As we reached session end, they have decided to parley. Classic stuff!

Who knows if the products will get used anytime soon but it’s great to be able to hand them out and see what happens. Big thanks to the Patrons who fund the stuff – especially those who have quietly bought a couple of the Starter Sets as a bonus! The students were delighted, and, with luck and gumption, we’ll have a bunch of new GMs running soon.

Game on!


  1. Great Stuff Che. This is heart warming stuff and what it’s all about. You’re not just creating new GM’s and roleplayers. You’re helping to develop friendships and building community there. I bet this is incredibly rewarding and I’m delighted for you to be the catalyst for all this. It’s a pleasure to read these blog posts and to hear about the clubs progress.

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    • Yes, it’s rewarding to build the community. It’s why I get out of bed daily, to be honest – bringing people together to discover is what it’s about for me. Was good to see the year groups mix and play together too. Game on!


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