Games Into the Hands of Teens

This evening I had the very great privilege of being able to give five students at the school D&D club a game to take home and learn how to play, all with the intention of becoming Game Masters. To be honest, it’s the best and fastest uptake I’ve ever had – the enthusiasm to learn and offer a game to friends was palpable. It was only possible because the RPR Patrons made it so – thank you, every one of you!

Here’s what different students took away to use:

  1. D&D Basic Rules booklet (printed copy of the free rules on Wizards’ site)
  2. D&D Starter Set (5th Edition) – the Phandelin one
  3. D&D Player’s Handbook + Monster Manual + DM’s Scrren Reincarnated + Goblin Henchman’s Face Folio
  4. Basic Fantasy RPG + Morgansfort
  5. Basic Fantasy RPG + The Caves of Chaos
  6. Everyone got some polyhedral dice

Honestly, I could probably have given away another two or three Starter Sets to the wavering curious, but I’ll source those for a future session. What is great is that this is five sets of rules into the hands of five new budding GMs. As I have said before, I believe the best way to get them involved is to give them the rules and set them loose. I’m there for advice as needed.

Thirteen students came this time – we dropped one or two from session one but gained two new ones, so it was about right. We finished building their characters with the B/X 1981 D&D rules (“as seen on Stranger Things“) and I’ll run that until the new GMs are ready to poach players and take over.

Thanks again to the Patrons – the money pays for a few useful things, but this is the best! I couldn’t have given five new GMs those books without you.

Game on!


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