D&D Ambivalence

You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that I aim to set up yet another D&D club at my new school from November, I would not be at all interested in the modern D&D game. Despite the fact that I bought into the game in 2014 after playtesting “D&D Next” for the years beforehand, I have become deeply ambivalent to the 5th Edition.

It’s not that I view D&D 5e as a bad game. It’s just fine, I suppose, if that’s what you like. I describe it as the “regular kind” of roleplaying game: the big brand name that people know and trust which is completely underwhelming to the neophile and explorer like me. Please, don’t read this as a condemnation of D&D. I’m just ambivalent.

The recent announcement of “One D&D” had me initially download the first packet and then totally fail to look at it. I realised that I didn’t really care what changes were made because, right now, I am not going to be playing it. Not until November, at least. But given the nature of these kinds of public “play test” situations, I doubt much of the draft will survive until 2024.

And so it goes. I am pretty much not interested in D&D anymore. Well, not the modern iteration because, well, I am not much into playing “the regular kind” of game. I think that is ok, in no way a problem, but just a realisation that I needed to arrive at.

Sure, I will give the students some D&D Starter Sets (funded from the Patreon) as usual. I will happily run an introductory game using D&D 5e. And then I will let go and run the games I prefer because I am personally pretty ambivalent about D&D.

Game on!


  1. Starting a new club, why call it a D&D club at all?
    Sure offer it as an option/recognisable system within the ad, but if it’s not what u want to run, why directly identify the club with it?
    I think u owe it to yourself and the other systems n settings u love to avoid indirectly selling them as ‘not D&D’.
    I feel like if ur gonna be hosting things u ought to make it as fun for u as possible.
    Do u need to compromise for the preconceived notion of D&D being the only gateway RPG?
    Hope u can enjoy whatever u choose to offer.

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    • Partly, the D&D Club is so named because my colleague (who ran the club last year) played D&D with the students. Many students therefore play D&D, so it’s about hosting those games. Personally, I think the “regular kind of game” is a fairly typical way in to the hobby. That said, the other part of calling it the D&D Club is because the brand is also synonymous with the roleplaying form to outsiders. I would call it whatever else would be understood, so it doesn’t much matter to me. Apart from intro games, I intend to talk up other RPGs and seed the club with alternatives over time.


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