After 25 Sessions

The current Mystamyr campaign reached 25 sessions on Monday just past, a milestone that felt significant to me simply because it has been a long time since I maintained a game for 25 sessions. The question is what has changed to make this possible?

Firstly, I think the commitment to my players has made me focus much more clearly on turning up and running the game. What I mean is that this particular group of players, being so very lovely and themselves committed to the game, helps me to remain consistent in prepping and showing up.

Secondly, I believe the reduction in the number of games I am trying to run (from as many as six or seven two years ago) down to just this one game over the past month helped. For the ADHD mind, there is less leaping around and distraction. Alongside this, I am buying less new hobby product and this helped me to avoid the temptation to run another game.

Lastly, the introduction of Tiny Prep has made the process much easier for me. Taking small bites and chewing over ideas over a longer period has also made the quality of my prep better. I think there’s an element of smarter preparation which has combined with the Tiny Prep habit to help me grow in confidence.

Overall, there is a momentum that comes from running more sessions where I feel positive. The positivity feeds enthusiasm and helps me to initiate the prep needed for the next session. It becomes an upward spiral. Along the way, I’ve discovered that loosening up my style and focusing on situations with which to tempt the player characters has proven more enjoyable.

Thanks to the Mystamyr crew for their part in helping me GM a much longer game in what I feel is a much more interesting world.

Game on!

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