Journey To Melderyn

After a couple of very intense working weeks during which I have felt very disinterested in doing anything particularly hobby related, this morning I found myself drawn back to Hârn. Specifically, I started to read the .PDF Hârn supplement for the Kingdom of Melderyn and discovered that I love it!

The so-called Wizard’s Isle resonates with me. Perhaps it’s because of the overtly British flavour of the Kingdom, containing as it does the Henges and many sideways references to Arthurian lore, but I feel an affinity with this region of the great world that is Hârn.

Obviously, as I begin to explore the elements that I want to enjoy and offer to players in my fantasy gaming, I’ll be seeking to build a game using GURPS. But for all my thoughts around building my own world, I was captivated (not for the first time) by the maps, detail, and flavour of the Hârn collection.

I already own many of the Hârnic modules and it seems strange to me that I have not considered them more seriously since my first attempt failed – largely due to my decline in mental-health and the pressures I was putting on myself back in late August 2020… just two months before my crisis. As I surveyed the maps and notes, I was once again excited by the possibilities.

You see, Hârn is a low-fantasy and realistic fantasy world with a feudal society and deeply immersive qualities. It feels good to consider combining this with GURPS as my rules engine and some methodology designed to encourage players to engage with the world rather than the rules. I believe the potential for Otherworld-immersion and a longer game is strong.

And so here I am, on the road, journeying back to Melderyn. This is the place of deep magic and mystery, shrouded in legend, and ready to be explored. All I need to do is start discovering the paths that lead toward play and see where they take me.

Game on!


  1. I love Hârn. My only complaint is that the religion seems half-baked at best. Many of the ideas it has are great—I especially love anything to do with Ilvir, and the Pradeyalkri hint at something deeper, among other good points—but something about it just seems off to me. I’m spoiled by Glorantha and GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War (and, really, Fantasy Wargaming) I guess.

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    • I suppose the lovely thing about Hârn is that it provides a strong basis for play but is also customisable. I’ve not delved too deeply into the religious orders in Hârn, so it’s hard to comment. I did want to say that those things that have “spoiled” your expectations are good things to have been affected by.

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