Finding Wicked Ones

Sometimes the privilege of being a podcaster hits you in the face for the wonderful that it is. This week I’ve been exceedingly privileged to share time with some awesome creatives and record their thoughts. Magic happens when we meet new people and share new ideas.

This morning was one example: an hour online with “Wicked Ones” creator, Ben Nielson, and a chance to share in his passion for a Forged In The Dark game based around the old Dungeonkeeper computer game.

Wicked Ones is something I’d not come across – despite him having sold more than 15,000 copies of the rules over the past two years – but his infectious enthusiasm had me reading the rules before elevenses.

I think the interview, which goes out as a bonus episode on Sunday evening (UK time) will fascinate curious minds. But who would have thought we’d connect? He’s an American living in Japan while I’m over here in the UK. Somehow the universe gave us a chance to chat and it enriched my day enormously.

I’m not sure if I can sell any of my players on giving Wicked Ones a play but I sorely hope so. It’s not my usual fare but the concept got me smiling. The execution of the book – well worth a look by downloading the free edition – is stunning. It’s that delicious blend of aesthetic that somehow just… works.

Thanks to Ben for agreeing to talk to us and opening another doorway in the hobby. I hope that you’ll enjoy the conversation when it drops on Sunday.

Game on!

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