Season 11 Production Begins

Just a quick note to let those of you who listen to the Roleplay Rescue podcast know that production of Season 11 has begun. My aim is to release the first episode sometime at the tail end of July and then roll into the season during the August holidays.

At the end of Season 10, I announced that I was taking a break and it has been (I think) the longest break between Seasons of RPR so far. Two months or so have elapsed and I’ve been working on putting theory into practice with my recent games.

Season 11 has the broad theme of being “An Anxious Gamer’s Guide to Fantasy Roleplaying” and seeks to bring together the various threads I have been teasing out over the past three years or so. In addition, I have already recorded three interview / discussion episodes with guests, an element of the show that I know many people enjoy.

Not long now. Bear with me as we roll into the production phase and I hope to share some episodes very soon.

Game on!

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