Exhausted Speculation

Some days work just drains all the energy I have, leaving me exhausted. This is a mental affliction more than a physical one, but it is depleting nonetheless. On days such as these, I need my hobby as much or more than ever.

Some might argue that the last thing we should do when we are exhausted is engage in our imaginative hobbies. They might say that vegetating in front of Netflix, the great passive pastime of our age, would be best because then we can rest our mental faculties.

Others might argue for some simple rest – gazing out the window is a personal favourite – and praise us for putting up our feet, Hobbitlike.

As appealing as this sounds, for me the best recovery comes from allowing myself time to drift and play around with imaginative things. Not to do anything specific but rather to allow my wayward mind to surf over whatever takes my fancy.

Yes, we need to rest, to sleep, to restore ourselves. We need to slow and stop. But I would argue that in that slowing we can engage in a little light-hearted speculation about fantastic things. We can dream of places far different to our reality. We can find rest in the contemplation of far-away lands filled with adventure.

Game on!

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