Magical Kitties Arrive

This one’s a teaser and photo post because I just received “Magical Kitties Save The Day!” from Atlas Games and it looks lovely!

What is it? Here’s the blurb from the website:

You are magical kitties. You have humans. The humans have problems. Use your magical powers to solve their problems and save the day!

A roleplaying game designed for all ages to enjoy, that excels as an introduction to the hobby.

The elegantly simple rules system puts the emphasis on storytelling and supports a setting and characters that players are familiar with and love from the start.

Why did I buy it? Because Justin Alexander worked on it and recommended I check it out. A big inspiration for how the game is designed is the example of the classic Red Box D&D (1983) and this peaked my curiosity. That’s why there’s a “solo play graphic novel” inside the box, for example. The second reason was because my wife thinks magical kitties sound cool.

Anyway… I’m going to go peek inside.

Game on!

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