Adding One More Room

Two nights in a row I’ve rolled a 2 on my 1d6 Daily Game Prep Table and been instructed to add a room to a dungeon map. While I don’t want to show the map (because my players read this blog), it’s worth commenting that the process is a lot of fun.

Old map that’s illustrative of my process.

Last night I only had the energy for one room and that was fine. Tonight, I think I’ll be adding a couple of locations because the slowly growing dungeon map is beginning to suggest a few cool ideas. This is the benefit of iterative processes, where we add a little bit more or review and revise a design over multiple sittings.

What I’m beginning to realise is this: doing one dungeon room a day is doable but it’s also beneficial to my overall design process for other reasons. I am finding that revisiting a map day-by-day allows my brain time to consider different angles and ideas. By the time I get the pencil on the page there is a much better chance I can add something meaningful. Overall, the maps are looking more interesting.

This is also the case with the other items on my Daily Game Prep table. For example, slowly adding details to magic items has yielded more interesting concepts than when I try to force an idea from my cranium all at once. NPCs are growing organically and proving more interesting too. One thing at a time is becoming something I am valuing in and of itself.

Wasn’t expecting that effect from this process.

Game on!

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