Traveller Mercenary

Quick photo update to mark the arrival of Mongoose Traveller’s “Mercenary” boxset today, here in Nottinghamshire UK. I’ve been eager to receive this one because I have long wanted to play some military SF and this product delivers that punch.

The core box set contains multiple booklets detailing how to raise and run a mercenary unit, plus an introductory adventure designed to bring players into the process and get them shooting up the locals.

My only gripe was that the record card is rather heavily warped, much as if it got damp while waiting to be packed… but that is probably not a big deal in the great scheme.

In addition to the boxed set, I received the three adventures that were published as part of the Kickstarter – and all of these fit in the main box too.

I’m looking forward to diving in deeper and seeing what new material this supplement offers. The main reason to be excited is that you are able to punch up the level of violence to explore true military action in the far future. In other words, your mercs will be much more tooled up than the average Traveller group.

Given the likelihood that I am in the minority of wanting to play MilSF with Traveller, I can see me deploying this boxed set in solo play. It feels like it could be a lot of fun to generate a hapless group of Mercs and push them through some violent tickets on some forgotten world that no one is going to care about… and see if they can survive.

Game on!


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