More Mercenary

Was rather surprised to receive two more parcels from Mongoose containing further instalments of the Traveller Mercenary collection that I received the other day. Thought you might enjoy a couple of photos even if I haven’t had the chance to read through this stuff just yet.

The three hardback tomes are:

The Field Catalogue, which contains weaponry and equipment (large and small) intended for Mercenary deployment. It also has rules for chemical warfare, stand-off missile attacks, artillery bombardments, and manoeuvring under fire on low-grav planetoids.

Mercenaries of Charted Space which explores the marketplace and appears to include details on mercs from different Third Imperium Empires, like the Zhodani, Aslan, and Solomani.

Specialist Forces covers Spec Ops and Special Forces, Recon and Stealth experts, Engineering specialists, Protected Forces, and other sub-units within larger military forces. This includes Starmercs and guidance on refereeing a boarding action.

The second parcel contained the Mercenary Boxset which contains a bonus booklet and a bunch of useful accessories:

The Premium Weapons Guide does exactly what it says on the cover: a sourcebook containing specific weapon systems on offer to the highest paying Mercenary units who seek the very best in hardware.

A pad of Mercenary Force Roster sheets sits underneath the booklet before you get down to the accessories lying beneath:

While I am not sure about the quality of the pen, the pack of pencils is cute. More interesting were the special Mercenary-themed dice and the vehicle recognition cards nestling in the box. The box set is a little ostentatious but it did raise a smile.

Overall, I feel that it might well be time to play some Traveller, even if simply to try out this very juicy Mercenary material.

Game on!

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